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From: Neil Warner
Author of Recover From Anger!

Fort Lauderdale,
Monday, July 15th


My Dear Friend,
Are you more and more worried about the impact of anger attacks in your relationship? Is anger becoming your most frequent answer

Are you, like many angry men, losing the trust and love of your family fast?

Let’s imagine that you are the protagonist of this frequent scenario: Something happens in your life that you don’t like, and then you get mad, really mad: the shouting starts, doors get slammed, either something gets broken or someone gets hurt.

And it doesn't stop there: after the anger explosion, a wave of negative emotions very difficult to dissipate washes over everybody at your home: rejection, isolation, hostility, or sadness…

If you--or your partner--show the kind of anger that rages out of control, you're not alone. Many people feel things deeply and react strongly to the situations around them...while ignoring the impact on significant others around them.

When this reaction begins to affect your marriage, the mental health of your children or your job, then the alarm sounds off and you know that it is time to get some help.


The stress of everyday life was getting to my brother Jake. With it came the cycle of anger, emotional abuse and depression. Growing up in small community, Jake learned the meaning of emotional abuse very early on as he watched our parents fight over money, the house, and us. The psychological abuse suffered as a young child and teen left Jake with serious emotional baggage. He connected stress with aggression and made a vow that he would never become “that angry man.” But eventually, he did.

Cara, Jake’s wife was his college sweetheart. They lived in the suburbs with their two adorable children. Jake enjoyed working in the city, although the 90-minute commute was regularly very stressful. Often times, alone in the car, Jake would go over the day’s ups and downs, and then react furiously to inconsiderate drivers while agonizing over being late for dinner. Slowly, he built a silent rage. Because he was unaware of the anger symptoms, Jake was unable to deal with his own anger issues. Often times he felt helpless to change his emotional gridlock.

Jake’s pent up rage would be unexpectedly released when confronted by his concerned wife, demanding job, and curious kids. He had no answers, only rage at what he saw as his own inadequacies. He had heard co-workers talk about abusive relationships, but did not recognize the signals in his own life. Cara watched as Jake’s life spiraled out of control, fueled by old anger he was unable to manage.

Unable to cope with his anger, he would frequently explode for no reason, break things and slam doors, and isolate himself from his family afterwards. Jake’s fury frightened Cara and she was worried for their children. She even called the domestic abuse hotline for some support. Not sure of how to stop the emotional abuse, Cara came to see me. She was desperate, afraid, on the brink of a breakdown. Caught up in a very different relationship than the one she needed, Cara didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

Cara described how Jake would walk in the door after work already in an angry mood. How he would then scream at her for a cold dinner while smashing the dishes Cara had left for him on the table. The cursing and yelling had Cara hiding in the bathroom to the sound of Jake slamming doors and breaking things. I sadly recognized the signs of the abuse triggered by these angry outbursts. Jake had told me on several occasions how he hated the long commute, that he was growing progressively unhappy at his workplace and that financial issues were taking their toll on his relationships. But to react so violently, to shout uncontrollably at his spouse, to smack his son for trying to protect his mother, the son he loved so much, was painful to hear… this is not the brother I know!

Perhaps you can spot the angry person by looking at the extreme unhappiness he or she causes in the people related to them…In Cara’s case, she was withdrawing in isolation from friends and family, not willing to share the details of the abuse, afraid of a vicious reaction from Jake. Their children were having nightmares and becoming more and more frightened and defensive.

The emotional abuse was becoming more than Cara could bear. Although she did not want to live in a bad marriage, she didn’t know what to do to manage or control Jake’s anger Cara was getting ready to leave him, developing some plans and alternatives, and even in the depth of the sadness, she was clear on stopping the emotional abuse unleashed on her.

It was time to help Cara understand why, to offer her the advice and support she deserved. I revealed the stories of our aggressive childhood, our parent’s cycles of verbal abuse, and how Jake could not cope, how he would breakdown, and while upset, throw tantrums and even smash his toys! The signs of emotional and mental abuse were obvious to me. I then told Cara of my own secret dance with the anger devil. I confessed that after years of vowing not to become “that angry man,” I found myself always arguing with my wife about unimportant issues. I was hostile and unable to recognize that I was abusing my wife!

I frequently embarrassed my whole family, like when I verbally assaulted my wife in the middle of the mall while Christmas shopping. I was angry and emotionally out of control.

I made excuses like, “It’s not me, it’s my job, or my car -- or worse yet -- it was them – my poor wife and kids!” I laid blame on everyone else, yet I was the emotionally abusive husband… Then, it came the day that I was forced to face the fact that this abusive relationship had gotten out of control; that my wife was going to leave me. I was given an ultimatum – get help or get out.

Not knowing where to go to learn how to control or manage my angry temper, I searched the Internet for help. There I discovered the eBook "The Tao of Anger: Controlling Your Anger Explosions"… I was frantic for help. After reading this insightful book, I enrolled in anger management classes. There was no more denying it…I had become a problem, and not a pillar of support for my family!

This wonderful book helped me recognize the cues that would start my heart racing towards anger outbursts and showed me how to curb them. I learned to control and let go of my angry feelings. My marriage was worth it and the hard work I faced in the anger reduction group was worth it, too. The anger management techniques and skills this ebook taught me would benefit Jake, I was sure of it. When I promised Cara I would speak with my brother, she wept tears of relief. It was the beginning of a needed process of healing emotional abuse.

Jake seemed suspicious when I called and asked him to meet me for coffee the next week. I could sense the stress in his voice when he told me he had no time to talk. I used an anger management technique I learned in this ebook…and Jake agreed to meet me. For awhile we talked about football, our families, and our jobs. Then he confided in me about the isolation he felt from his wife and co-workers, and how the long commute home put him in a foul mood before stepping in the door. I recognized the signs of frustration that would soon lead to anger. It was time for him to learn how to let the anger go, how to manage with it, and how to heal the hurt of the emotional abuse his family suffered. I shared my own frustrations and revealed my own angry past. Jake was surprised to learn I had experienced the same cycle of frustration, anger and abuse. He seemed relieved to discover that he was not alone.

I went on to tell him about this great eBook I found online, and how it taught me simple steps to re-build trust and repair past emotional damage. I described how this ebook would help him understand the negative effects of anger attacks. I explained how the simple anger management strategies I learned there would put him back in charge of his emotions. I was encouraged when I saw that Jake took this advice to heart. He was recognizing the emotional abuse and did not want to be “that angry man” any longer.

With support from his family and friends, I am happy to report that Jake is following the suggestions and learning how to heal and stop the emotional abuse. He is more at peace. His relationships at home and work, his daily commute, and his own sense of self-worth are all on the mend.

Any man is capable of recognizing the cues to anger, deactivating the triggers, and also capable of taming the anger within. It is possible to heal emotional abuse, overcome anger attacks, and live a happy domestic life. It happened for me…and because we truly are our brother’s keeper, it happened for Jake.

Joel Barron

Radford, VA

A person with a lot of pent up anger might exhibit some of the following characteristics:

• Personal relationships at risk due to uncontrolled aggression
• Having problems with career development, or putting his career on the line
• Having health problems linked to a “Personality A” style
• Dealing with legal problems as a consequence of angry actions.

Perhaps you can spot the angry person by looking at the extreme unhappiness of all or some of the people related to him, like when co-workers decide to leave him alone, because it’s difficult to deal with his angry reactions to peers in his work team.

Read the following unsolicited testimony about how Jake and Louis overcome their anger problems:



Do you have a lot of pent up anger? Do people you know accuse you of being “too fast reacting against others”?


Have you ever felt an uncontrollable urge to lash out in a fit of fury at somebody doing things in a stupid way?


Are you a person who "sees red" when things don't go your way?


Have you ever been told you need to go to anger management training by your exasperated co-workers or managers or friends?


Are other people rejecting you in a practical way, or blocking and isolating you from themselves, making you progressively lonely, depressed and hopeless?



Then, You Are Feeling More And More Out Of Control, right?

There are many more pressures in the world upon us now. How many sources of pressure can you identify? How can you deal with them without getting angry? Due to accelerating factors such as strong economic pressure and financial hardships, jobs becoming more scarce and in short a more competitive environment, we find ourselves feeling more and more unable to control our lives.

More aspects of our existence are decided by others, or by factors out of our control, and we are supposed to be responsible even for areas of our lives which are not by far controlled by us!


Truly we face lots of challenges: from daily nuisances such as clogged roads, delays and bad service, inattention and lack of fulfillment of our orders, to an increasing sense of general disorder.

To be really honest, today we can’t even control our jobs, our income or the safety and growth of our life savings, because global crises are dictating the results that we get according to variables we are now totally impotent to manage…

We men still think than being angry allows us to be seen as more powerful than showing concern, depression or being out of control. Even when showing anger takes a heavier toll in our circulatory system than being depressed….we prefer to show rightful indignation at things “done in the wrong way,” so we keep for ourselves the upper position of Control and Supervision Expert!

You could even convince yourself that you are rightfully furious...meanwhile all the time you are destroying the core of your support system: your family and your deeper relationships.


All This Leads To Us Getting More & More Frustrated Every Day... And when you combine those "out of control" actual feelings with those “pent up anger” feelings coming from your own past, and release them, then you get an explosive mix known as "anger attacks."

"It's Time To Stop Letting Your Frustration Get The Best Of You"

If you are in a situation similar to Jake’s case, yelling at his wife Cara for every stupid thing, now you should be able to say:

"My Wife No Longer Worries About Telling Me Her Concerns, because now she knows I will listen to her, instead of accusing and yelling at her. She Knows I'm In Control of my Anger."

Are you ready to be in a different, more satisfactory place in life, having control of negative emotions and being able to express your love? Is this your time to face the anger problem and transform it?

There is a lot of creative energy now being misused through the creation and displaying of anger attacks against your loved ones…Perhaps now you can begin controlling rage, and put that energy to good use, building a more harmonious and joyous life for everybody involved.

But first, you need to accept the fact that your anger attacks are producing the unwanted effect of alienating you from your loved ones! Nobody else but you is responsible for controlling the anger explosions that litter your emotional landscape.



Are you at the point to tell yourself, deep from your heart;

“YES, I want to be the person that my family can love, trust and respect, not this feared and rejected one!”

Is this what you really, really want? Even in the worst moments of having this dark cloud of fear, sadness and loneliness extending over your family after a show of anger, do you still feel deep inside this desperate need to be loved, accepted and respected?

Can you hear this strong wish to recover the trust and respect of your loved ones? Do you want to become the quality person you were always meant to be, without the anger?

If only to see this dream dissipating under the despair of a new domestic fight, you still know that this hope of being able of controlling your rage is always there, deep inside you? THEN, there is hope for you!


Pent Up Frustration & Actual Anger Can Both Destroy You and Your Relationship!

  • And guess what? When you let this accumulation of angry, resentful feelings rule your day, then you have dire consequences!

  • It is this pent up frustration and anger that is the real underlying cause of the vast majority of heart attacks in the world today;

  • It is also this pent up frustration and anger that is the real underlying cause of many cases of domestic violence today;

  • It is also this pent up frustration and anger that is the real underlying cause of many cases of interpersonal abuse today;
  • And the list of pent up anger consequences just goes on and on.

"I stumbled across your website and confess it has been a great blessing to me for the last two days. After reading through your well-written and straight-to-the-point articles, I feel I am starting to find some meaning in my life again. Much of what you say requires that I honestly examine myself, and that is exactly what I am doing now. I liked the part where you don't lay a lot of guilt on me...I have enough of it already. Be blessed. "
-- Amos K.

This Is What You Need To Know:

You can win the battle for control with your wife, but lose the war! You can get others to obey you, but never force them to love and accept you!

Are you convinced that the path to better health and relationships is through giving up the benefits of being the too assertive top male? And that it includes forgetting the extra benefits of commanding your family's behaviors through aggression?

Of course, this begs the question…in what other ways can you be a good leader of your family, and how do you learn to become a compassionate leader?

How can you be a calm, understanding and loving leader? By learning how to control your anger, together with developing a plan for improving your relational skills, with the techniques offered in:

“The Tao of Anger: Controlling your Anger Explosions!”

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This ebook is prepared with a definite purpose, to help transform your anger reactions and build a more positive, supportive attitude.

Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Learn:

Identify the early symptoms of an anger attack, so you can either leave the room, the situation or make other decisions to control yourself;
Recognize the impact of your hostile thoughts and learn that you are framing what happens as an attack at you that needs defense;
There are two emotions that you are probably holding onto that make it very difficult for your spouse (and others) to be around you happily. You'll learn how to stop being a slave to your emotions;
Learn how to avoid escalating a simple dispute to a full blown anger attack, and offer reasonable responses to your significant other;
Re-create on purpose some fundamental positive perception of your significant other as worthy of your respect;
The one behavior that you absolutely HAVE to exhibit if you are serious about rescuing your marriage from the consequences of your anger attacks and getting your partner to love you again;
Learn how to face emotional rejection and isolation by your partner, know what to do;
Learn why you need to do repair work by asking for forgiveness and reconciliation;
Be ready to demonstrate that you want to transform the relationship by accepting a new covenant with healthier rules of interaction;
A simple but powerful breathing technique that will help you to put your mind in a place of self-control and relaxation. Coming from this position will make it a LOT easier to control the negative thinking that leads to angry attacks;
Learn why you need to do “repair work” by asking for forgiveness and reconciliation;
Eliminate all possibility of your partner “pushing your buttons” and starting a situation which can lead to anger attacks, and take complete control of your emotional and internal states… no matter what the situation;
Do you ever feel like the only way to resolve a conflict is by slamming the door and walking away? Or by punishing your partner? It doesn't have to be this way. Find out a simple strategy for resolving your marriage conflicts in a more constructive and less emotionally stressful way;
What to do if you're a person who always gets frustrated at your partner's actions during an argument. Get to understand the emotional reasons prompting your partner to exhibit seemingly “irrational” behavior, from her own point of view;
How frustrated needs lead to anger and anger leads to all kinds of physical damage and raises your heart attack risk. You need to know about solving your needs promptly and better managing frustration;
You're probably overlooking it - the way frustration becomes anger in you almost immediately. Learn to watch yourself and identify frustration early on;
If you really believe now that you can’t stop fighting with your partner, because "she makes you so angry," then you will need more help right now! Are you ready to own your share of responsibility in marital disputes and stop blaming the other person?
Learn useful techniques to manage your anger, if you recognize that venting it to anybody is causing damage to your love life, work and relationships, but still can't stop exploding?
How to calm down in times of anger when you get yourself all worked up. Recognizing that being angry is the worst way of asking for company, love and recognition will make you stop;
Recognize the three steps of anger escalation and the real threshold where you lose your self-control.

Once you learn all of the above, I promise you, you'll notice dramatic transformations in your marriage and partner's reactions immediately! Best of all, you'll understand why your anger explosions happen and be able to take practical, immediately-beneficial steps to minimize or eliminate them entirely. Why leave it to chance?


And You'll Also Discover Powerful Insights Such as...


Did you know that you are an expert at denial? Stop denying that you are an angry man, and begin working on your own pent up feelings before they explode!
Want to know how to stop your anger from flaring up? Identify the anger cues, the ways your body is telling you that pent up emotions are escalating, and solve them then and there!
Discover the levels of anger using the "Anger Meter," so you can stop denial and begin looking at your reality;
Learn the specifics about the differences between being angry and being aggressive towards others, and between suppressing and managing your anger.
Do you know how many techniques there are to manage your anger? Create your own anger management plan.
Understand how and why power, control and anger attacks are so destructive to your relationship. Have a strategy to conduct damage control immediately, so you can begin to repair your relationship fast!
Is your marriage worthy of hard “repair work”? How to provide a good apology;
Discover the techniques to perform repair work in a relationship...and use them to strengthen your link with your spouse;
Find out how to apply Fair Fighting techniques to manage differences without fighting;
What turns a relationship unhealthy? Learn how to deal with it and turn it back around: how to have and care for a healthy marriage?

IF, and only if you are you ready to make a break with your angry past, and develop new leadership qualities… Here is a helpful tool in your way to happiness in relationships… “The Tao of Anger: Controlling your Anger Explosions!...

A personal note from Neil Warner:


I’m so glad that you are here….having been through hell to recover the love of my life, I really understand how do you feel now…at serious risk of losing what you value most.

It’s very difficult to accept that the situation has gotten into this low level of trust and intimacy, but there is no use for denial here…things are very bad with your spouse now.

And why is this? Because you’d never planned to end up being the bad person, the hated villain of the movie, right? You are a typical guy, with a notion that he has his right to a temper tantrum here and there, when the situation needs some fast relief of stress, but you meant no damage, it was only venting, right? How could it be seen as intentional damage, with you ending up being seen as a rude, inconsiderate and mean guy who only wants to control?…

Well, let’s say that there is a toxic combination of male behaviors that are kind of normal in some environments, but when used in the wrong one they brought you a lot of grief. And when other behaviors missing from your repertoire, like the ability to ask for forgiveness to people you accidentally hurt, are needed, it doesn’t help you at all…

Take heart, there is a lot you can do to be back in the fold again, when you are ready!...I have done a lot of research for this manual, and put together the easier ways of incorporating anger management skills in your daily life. You will be sending a new and kinder message to the people who love you and to those who are or were your friends before anger took away their trust in you.

Even when some bridge-building needs to be done, to repair past damage in your personal relationships, you can find how to apologize easily to your loved ones right here….

The techniques shared in this ebook will finally put you in control of your anger attacks and back in charge of your life FAST! And you'll feel more at peace in every area of your life.

All of a sudden, people (even complete strangers) are going to find you very easy and attractive to be around.

And do you know what the really funny thing is? When you perform your anger management techniques, all your "pent up negative feelings" against lots of people who have irritated you in the past, now are gone….People are people and you will not be stuck doing mental battles with them rehearsing real or imaginary offenses.

I've seen it happen many times. You will not care again for other people’s negative reactions against you, because there will be none! When you are looking at past enemies with a positive attitude, you will discover that they will show respect and appreciation to you!

I'm encouraged by your decision to change and grow in the improvement of your relationship....

Congratulations for facing this personal challenge and for looking for the way to transform your anger into love and appreciation!

Neil Warner,

Writer and Editor

Creative Conflict Resolutions

This ebook is extremely easy to read and implement, even though it covers every important aspect of curbing your anger. Want a peak at the table of contents?

“The Tao of Anger: Controlling your Anger Explosions!...”



1.1.- What is anger?

1.2.- Is Anger generated in the brain?

1.3.- Is anger generated by our living conditions?

1.4.- Anger repression and depression.

1.5.- Impact of uncontrolled anger in daily life .

1.6.- Anger and relationships.

1.7.- Is anger ever appropriate? What is normal, useful anger?

1.8.- Anger that is not proportional to the level of present threat is Old Anger.

1.9.- Effects of anger in your personal health, love relationships and social life.

What do I need to know about anger?

2.1.- Hidden feelings under anger

2.2.- Which kind of anger?

2.3.- Identifying anger outbursts and attacks.

2.4.- Progression of anger build up.

2.5.- What is the difference between anger and aggression?

2.6.- Anger becomes a problem in three main areas:

Why male anger explosions are such a threat to relationships?

3.1.- Anger explosions hurt everybody you love

3.2.- The Aggression Cycle Begins Deep Inside Us

3.3.- The three stages of male anger explosions

3.4.- When to consider yourself an angry person?

3.5.- Why not only being angry, but having sudden anger explosions is mostly a male problem

3.6.- A Remembering exercise as the way to heal the past and change the present

3.7.- Reconnecting from a peaceful center

How do you produce your own anger denial?

4.1.- “I’m not angry, I’m just under a lot of pressure.”

4.2.- “I’m not angry, I’m just letting off steam.”

4.3.- “I’m no worse off than anyone else. Lots of people display angry behavior.”

Healing angry feelings

5.1.- Steps to healing angry feelings

5.2.- Identify your cues to anger

Methods of anger management

6.1.- Anger management is different from suppressing your anger

6.2.- Strategies focused on managing anger in yourself

6.3.- So what to do with all your anger?

6.4.- Other anger management tools

Explosion damage control

7.1.- Prevention

7.2.- Damage control, prevention stage:

7.3.- Damage Control, after your explosion, becomes repair work!

7.4.- Loving apology

7.5.- Exercise: healing the anger in you

Relationships repair kit

8.1.- Deactivating your triggers


More Resources!


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Marriage is supposed to be a wonderful tool to help each other grow. In this approach, negotiating individual goals into a shared set of common goals is what makes a marriage healthy and successful.

Then, have a contract with our loved one to share with him/her our personal project and set goals to be pursued…Get a look of your own marriage contract and see how it can be more focused on both parties’ growth.

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"Boosting Your Self-Esteem" by Neil Warner.

This ebook was created to help you gradually build self-esteem, so you will :

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  • Always feel secure and have a sense of direction;
  • Stop emotional abuse and mistreatment at the beginning;
  • Attract the happiness you dream of;
  • Be able to negotiate any difficult issue with confidence.
  • Communicate your views with ease, even in stressful situations.

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"Your ebook was an eye-opener. I enjoyed how the issue was presented, clearly and in a very organized way. It gave me insights on where to begin and continue. It also was easy for me to see the steps which will not be easy to do, especially when you have to look at yourself. But the rewards are worth it! Thank you for listening to me in my coaching session and giving me very good personal advice"
-- Henry C. (Canada)

"Dear Neil, I have now a good marriage, but everything you said reminds me of my first marriage. I still think about how much he needed this kind of help, then and there....I miss the love we had, totally ruined by his anger, and I was so young then, unable to know how to I left him. Things could have been so different, but now is water under the bridge!"
-- Jody C.

"Hi Neil, Yes, I've learned a lot from your ebook, even when I ordered it for my brother. He needs this help very much, but is still in his denial phase and blaming his poor wife of "provoking him," every time he has a temper tantrum, even now in his '40s! I am thinking on how to convey to him some of your ideas before his wife leaves him, which will be a disaster, because we all love her and the kids so much.

Wish me luck in my project of sharing your ideas with my brother!"
-- Anali A.

"Every night there is a lot of stress when we are waiting for him to get home…I never know how much pent up aggression he could bring with him, and in which way it would spill in our home. I try to keep the house going and the food prepared, so he can relax.

Then, the most silly detail can start him off in some rant about how bad things are or how useless I am, or whatever allows him to rant and rave and insult and curse.

Dinner gets spoiled, and we end up in this very bad mood; I get more and more depressed and scared and conversation is impossible. It’s a vicious cycle, as much as I try to calm him down, the more he gets excited and finds things to criticize. He ends up yelling and slamming doors or throwing something against the wall.

I think he somehow loves me and the children, but it is getting more difficult to see the love under the rage. I keep hoping that he will be in a better mood, while knowing that as much as I wait for his anger to dissipate, he seems to hate me more for that….I know that he is ashamed of his behavior, but this is not enough to make me forgive him; because whatever I can do to please him, he will go on having his anger attacks.

Whatever I can do might not matter, because nothing really changes. If I can’t stop being the target of his anger, I have to decide how to end this marriage and heal myself.....I'm hoping that your help will be enough to start him up in the recovery process.

Linda Wilson, Virginia

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